Bookkeeping is an integral part of any business growth. To make important business decisions, you have to know where you are at financially. If you don't already keep track of the day to day incomings and outgoings of your business, that needs to stop today. Open a spreadsheet, invest in some DIY software or (even better) work with me! I use QuickBooks in my bookkeeping services as I have loads (I’m talkin’ over 20 years) of experience with it. Some of the ways I can help are:

Monthly Reconcile: How many times have you checked your account and wondered if that payment you made last week has cleared? Too. Many. Times. That uncertainty can all be cleared by reconciling your accounts. Reconciling your accounts on a monthly basis ensures that you always know what you have in the bank and on your credit cards.

Invoicing: Invoicing on a regular basis keeps the money rolling in. Tracking your accounts receivable and monitoring how long invoices have been out results in quicker payments and increased revenues. *ka-ching*

Bill Pay: Dreaded, but necessary. Paying your expenses in a timely manner is just as important as tracking the money coming in. Bonus: having all of your expenses organized will make tax time a breeze!

Payroll: Keeping accurate payroll records is very important to report employee annual income to the Social Security and for employee W-2's. Keep this information tight so that you don’t get caught unprepared when you have to generate year end payroll statements. Quarterly Payroll Reports: If you have payroll, you must submit the appropriate quarterly reports to state and federal government entities. I am experienced at handling and submitting state unemployment and Federal 941 forms.

Annual Reports: Don’t let all of the annual stuff slow down your business. Annually business owners with employees are required to submit the annual FUTA report as well as send employees W-2s and independent contractors 1099's. With an extra hand, these reports get done in a snap!

I have worked under the guidance of accountants to help keep business and personal bookkeeping in order to make tax preparation downright easy! Keeping updated records helps your accountant in receiving accurate information as well as reducing the number of hours you need to pay them. Beyond that, I love bookkeeping! I’m talkin’ cookie dough ice cream in a waffle cone love. So handing off a piece of your business that you dread to me will lighten your load and make my day!

What do you say, ready to book a call yet?