6 Useful Time Management Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur

As a busy entrepreneur, it can easily feel like you don’t have enough time to complete all the tasks you have to. After all, running a business means wearing multiple hats and dealing with unexpected challenges as they arise. Juggling so many responsibilities can be daunting. Still, time management is essential to your business’ growth.

Believe it or not, you can take control of your time by implementing a few simple strategies. Let’s look at the six time management tips I have for busy entrepreneurs!

6 Useful Time Management Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur // Lighthouse Business Services

Take Time To Do The Most Important Things

You already know a thing or two about setting goals and achieving them. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You actually have to choose which of those goals are most important to you, and take steps to ensure that they get done before all else.

Determine which of your tasks are important and urgent. When you have this clearly in mind, you’ll be able to do the most important things before doing the less important ones.

Plan Your Day In Advance

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of waking up in the morning and feeling completely lost as to what you’re supposed to do. You know you should be busy, but the specific tasks elude you.

Waking up without a plan is the easiest way to burn through hours without realizing it. With a plan, you’ll be able to focus on what you should be doing, instead of wandering around aimlessly.

There are two ways you can plan your day in advance.

  • First, you can plan your day the night before. Dedicating the last few minutes of your day to set your priorities for the upcoming day. 
  • As soon as you wake up, set your priorities for the upcoming day. Using the first few minutes of your day to create a list of important tasks gives you a baseline to manage your time.

Following a plan makes time management much easier.

Group Similar Tasks Together

A simple way to ensure that you’re able to manage your time wisely is to group all the similar tasks together. It’s a scientific fact that you lose concentration by switching between different tasks.

For example, instead of doing different tasks in a single day, try to do tasks of the same kind on the same day, or at the same hour. For example, if you have to write for different areas of your business, try to do all your writing around the same time. This will make it easier to complete your tasks because you’re engaging the same skills.

Keep Your Workspace Tidy

Believe it or not, the organization of your workspace has a lot to do with how much you’re able to achieve and if you can manage your time. An unorganized workspace can cause distraction and contribute to your losing focus. Losing focus means wasting time, which is something a busy entrepreneur cannot afford to happen.

If your workspace is already messy, tidying up one corner at a time can greatly improve your time management. Trying to do it all at once will only make things more difficult.

Handle The Biggest Tasks First

Have you ever postponed doing something big and ended up not doing it at all? That wasn’t a coincidence. We’re wired to put off tasks that we feel will take a lot of time. Yet, that isn’t the best way to do things, especially if you want to manage your time well.

Instead, handle the most difficult task that you have planned for each day first, or as early as you possibly can. You’ll accomplish two things that way. First, you’ll be able to complete the rest of your tasks quickly, and the momentum from finishing that task will keep you going for the rest of the day.

Don’t Be Afraid To Delegate

As an entrepreneur, you’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. No doubt, it was a dream that turned into a reality, and as such, you’re inclined to want to do everything yourself. You may even feel that if you don’t do it yourself, it won’t get done.

That kind of thinking is time management’s death knell. Learning to delegate even important tasks is difficult, but it will ultimately save you time and energy that is better spent doing high-level tasks within your business. Mastering delegation is one of the best ways to better manage your time.

In conclusion, time management can be difficult for entrepreneurs, especially ones who consider themselves very busy. However, these six tips are easy to implement and will make things much easier in the long run. Now, instead of struggling to find time to get things done, you can enjoy being an entrepreneur and grow your business into what you’ve always dreamed of.

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